Jul 30, 2014


Our Wantagh address turned out to be Seaford schools. From Fir, Pine, Maple and Spruce Sts in Wantagh were bussed to Seaford Schools. We moved in in November 1949, and was enrolled in 2nd grade at Jackson Ave School. Miss Snyder was the teacher, and she was in charge of the building, which contained grades 1-3 . Mr Fuller was the principal but his office was at Seaford Ave School. Other teachers that I remember were Mrs Buckley, Miss Varullo, and Mis Volker, who was my teacher in 3rd grade. Ms Banks was the music teacher, and Mrd deQuillfeld was the art teacher. In 2nd grade there was a woman gym teacher. In 3rd grade Mr deBonus was the gym teacher. School nurse was Mrs Davies. After grade 3 we moved over to Seaford Ave School. That, my friends, is a tale for another day. Please share memories of days gone by in Wantagh and Seaford.

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