Jul 30, 2014

Wantagh-Seaford Moms, We Need Your Help

New features to highlight the best deals, discussions and to-dos for families in the community.

Wantagh-Seaford Moms, We Need Your Help

Wantagh and Seaford are great places to raise a family, and nobody knows that better than the dedicated moms that call this area home. Now, Wantagh-Seaford Patch wants to give them the attention they deserve, as well as a dedicated corner of this local content destination.

Next week, Wantagh-Seaford Patch will launch a new series of features for the moms in town, including roadmaps to the best deals for families, profiles of the whiz kids who make the community proud and a weekly question-and-answer session about the important parenting issues facing the region.

Part of that includes assembling the first-ever Wantagh-Seaford Patch Moms Council, an advisory board that will work with the editors of this site to keep us on top of the latest family related issues and happenings in the Wantagh-Seaford area.  The Moms council will have the opportunity to create unique content for the site, as well as share their expertise to readers in the weekly Q&As. The Moms Council will be a great resource for Wantagh and Seaford, a group whose insights will help all moms in the community share in the great features that make raising a family in this area so special.

If you would like to be part of the team, email editor Wantagh-Seaford Patch Local Editor Andrew Coen at andrewc@patch.com. We can't wait to hear from you.

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