Jul 29, 2014

Artist: Control of Color Are My Only Guidelines

Frank Latorre explains what his art is all about.

Artist: Control of Color Are My Only Guidelines

Last week, Patch featured a painting by Frank Latorre, owner of Art and Soul Gallery of Eastport and asked readers what they thought of it in a series we call, First Impressions.

The following is what readers had to say:

wrote, "Wind, the sea and somewhere tranquil."

said, "Great piece! Beautiful colors and fluidity,I don't know if you intended but I see a face in it :-)"

said, "Ok- I see alot of swirling movement and I have no idea about this- but it reminds me of a musical instrument of some sort- or the movement of a musical passage, like a cello being played."

wrote, "It's a hurricane crossing Florida."

said, "Fragments of interior time and stories circulating in the mind."

The Artist's Turn

Of the piece, Latorre said, "My inspiration for my new series of abstract paintings is the freedom of color expression to me its like the ( wild west ) so to speak there are no restrictions. The control of color are my only guidelines unlike the boundaries with traditional painting."

Editor's Note: First Impressions is curated by East Quogue artist Meryl Spiegel. If you would like to be a part of this series, e-mail Erica.Jackson@Patch.com.

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