Jul 29, 2014

West Hampton Dunes Dredge Project Contract Awarded

Dunes beaches to be built up after Superstorm Sandy.

West Hampton Dunes Dredge Project Contract Awarded
A year after Superstorm Sandy struck, ripping down dunes and wreaking havoc on the beaches of West Hampton Dunes, a contract has been awarded to build the area back up with sand.

Late last month a $14.2 million contract was awarded to the Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company, which is currently working on a project in Watermill.

The West Hampton Dunes project, according to Aram Terchunian, of First Coastal, will mostly build back up the dunes's beaches, but also a portion of beach that is owned by the Town of Southampton.

According to the Army Corps of Engineers, the project will result in the placement of 1,530,000 cubic yards of sand, dredged from Westhampton Borrow area, back onto the beaches.

A project start date has not yet been announced.

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