21 Aug 2014
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Cafe Mojo Offers Fun, Funk and Flavor

Among the eatery's highlights: The Philly cheesteak practically has a menu to itself.

Cafe Mojo Offers Fun, Funk and Flavor Cafe Mojo Offers Fun, Funk and Flavor Cafe Mojo Offers Fun, Funk and Flavor Cafe Mojo Offers Fun, Funk and Flavor Cafe Mojo Offers Fun, Funk and Flavor Cafe Mojo Offers Fun, Funk and Flavor Cafe Mojo Offers Fun, Funk and Flavor

Former Manhattan restauranteurs Marc and Jackie Hartman, owners of the Cafe Mojo, at 191 Higbie Lane, brought their love of the city back to West Islip when they opened seven years ago.

Cafe Mojo is a trendy restaurant, ale house and coffee house with multiple selections on its menus. There is a giant appetizer menu, a children's menu and a Panini menu. There is a wide choice of sandwiches, a few fish dishes including the classic fish and chips, multiple wraps and an array of burger choices. Overall, the menu focuses on sandwiches snacks and light meals, however, there are a few salad choices for those watching calories or eating a special menu for health reasons.

The Philly cheesesteak has a menu unto itself, with various variations including barbecue, pesto and classic. The Classic Philly Cheesesteak has a pan-seared steak, onions and cheese spread. However, Mojo offers up chicken as an alternative on this distinctive menu as well as some more sophisticated cheese selections. The Pesto Philly Cheesesteak (with chicken) has nice shredded chicken breast like one would find in quality chicken salad. A pungent aroma of fresh basil and garlic emanated from the dish and the mozzarella was fresh. It all came together atop nice, toasted bread. The sweet potato fries on the side were crispy and airy.

The World Class Black Bean & Chorizo Chili ($6.95) was worth the price. Fresh slow-cooked black beans were accompanied by copious amounts of good chorizo salt and spice, providing multiple textures. The fresh corn swam in a base perfumed by fresh ground chili powder with chunks of fresh tomatoes and onions.  

The fresh mozzarella and roasted pepper Panini ($8.95) was satisfying overall. It was served on crispy, multigrain bread with a side of fresh-cut fries.

The Pepperoni Cheese Bread ($5.95), found on the munchies menu, was cheesy, garlicky and a perfect item to share at the table.

The chocolate cake was the ultimate fudgy experience. The cake, freshly baked, was very moist and the presentation was great as it was drizzled with fresh chocolate sauce and a few dollops of fresh whipped cream.

In addition to lunch or dinner, there was an incredibly large assortment of coffee drinks — Jamaican, Irish and unique blends like Butterscotch Cream Pie Cappuccino.

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