Jul 30, 2014

Future of Former Getty Gas Station Still in Doubt

Property owners continue to weigh options for future development of vacant parcel on the north side of West Islip.

Future of Former Getty Gas Station Still in Doubt Future of Former Getty Gas Station Still in Doubt

Will a 7-Eleven or some other type of business occupy the now vacant property at the corner of Udall and Muncey roads?

That’s the question many in the northern section of West Islip are now asking-- following last week’s with the Halperin family, who own the property-- and residents living in the neighborhoods surrounding the parcel of land.

Eliot Bloom, the attorney representing the Halperins, said they are now weighing their options. “They want to develop the property in a manner that is consistent with what the community wants and also is within their financial ability as well,” he said.

But if — or when — the Halperins choose to present plans for the property to Islip Town, remains unknown at this time.

Bloom said the Halperins do not want to present Town officials with a plan that would draw the ire of residents living near the property.

“They want to put in the best possible application they can, but there is also a limited time opportunity for development there,” he said.

One of the sticking points with neighbors is the thought of having a 24-hour convenience store in their back yards. During the meeting a week ago, Bloom asked the approximately 75 residents in attendance if they would accept a 7-Eleven or other store that was not open around the clock. That idea received a mixed response.

But getting 7-Eleven officials to agree to build a store that has set hours of operation appears to be a challenge. “It seems that 7-Eleven does not view the site to be one they would consider being open less than 24-hours a day,” Bloom said.

While the proposal of constructing a 7-Eleven on the property was met with a great deal of opposition a week ago, as it was when it was first discussed in May 2009, Bloom said currently the Halperins have for development.

“Although it may appear to the neighbors that there are some good alternatives, most of them are way too costly,” Bloom said. “The best option for [the Halperins] is 7-Eleven. For them to build to suit would be too costly and does not guarantee they would be able to find a tenant.”

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