Jul 29, 2014
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Water Authority Repairing Udall Rd. Water Main

Wednesday afternoon roadwork could slow traffic.

When driving around West Islip, Patch cameras caught the Suffolk County Water Authority working on Udall Road in the area where a water main break was reported a few weeks back.

A worker on scene said further repairs were being made and they were planning to have the road patched by Wednesday afternoon. A more permanent repair to the road should happen in the coming weeks, the worker said.

Local drivers have been doing their best to navigate a dip in Udall Road near Best Yet that has provided a bumpy ride for many.

In addition, work separate from the Water Authority’s job was also on going on the island that now houses West Islip’s 9/11 Memorial. A worker told Patch they were testing the ground for a possible gasoline plume related to some old gas tanks underground. Patch is working to confirm this with officials and will update when more information becomes available.

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