23 Aug 2014
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What and Where in White Plains?

Test your knowledge of White Plains by telling us what this picture is and where we took it within White Plains.

What and Where in White Plains?

So, you think you know White Plains? Check out our first picture and clue on Mondays at 5 p.m. to prove it!

Here is how to play: Use part of a photo to see if you can guess what we've pictured in the city, and where it is.

Check back with us on Wednesdays and Fridays at 3 p.m. for new clues and new pieces of the photo. 

You must list your guess in the comments box below to win.

We'll announce the winner when the last piece of the photo is revealed (unless no one has guessed when we'll give you some time to guess with the full picture)

The first person to guess correctly will win bragging rights and worldwide recognition via Twitter and Facebook :)

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