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Yorktown School Board Election Coverage: Q&A With Jackie Carbone

Jackie Carbone, the current Yorktown school board of education president, is running unopposed for another term.

Yorktown School Board Election Coverage: Q&A With Jackie Carbone

On May 15, Yorktown voters will vote on a  and vote for the two school board trustees who are up for election. Current  board members Jackie Carbone and Christine Montero will face no opposition when taxpayers head to the polls. 

Below is a brief bio of Jackie Carbone and her replies to a set of questions, which were also sent to .

Carbone has lived in Yorktown since 1989. She has been on the Yorktown board of education since 2006 and has served as board president since the 2007-2008 school year. She is currently the chairperson for the district steering committee and sits on the audit committee. Carbone has a son who is a sophomore in . 

Patch: What motivates you to continue to serve on the Yorktown school board?

    Carbone: I am motivated by our talented administration and staff who, along with our wonderful students make it a pleasure to serve the Yorktown community. In the past 6 years this board has worked as a cohesive group supporting education in the YCSD.

    Patch: What have been your major contribution(s) on the board?

      Carbone: As a board we work together, all voices are heard and each of us brings our own individual  talents to the table. Collectively we are a strong board with a common goal, to continue academic excellence in Yorktown.

      I am very proud of the six years that I have been privileged to serve on the BOE. During those years we have hired a phenomenal superintendent of schools and achieved stability in our central administration.

      I am proud of the work of the district steering committee that I chair, has done in managing the 2006 bond referendum. The renovation work that has and continues to happen is providing our staff and students with facilities that match their talents.

      Patch: What issues facing the district do you feel most strongly about?

        Carbone: As with all school districts, the funding for our schools is becoming more and more difficult. We have and will continue to do more with less, but we are quickly reaching the point where we will no longer be able to do that without severely effecting the educational programs offered to our students. The uncertainty of State Aid coupled with the continued unfunded and underfunded mandates will need to be addressed, taxpayers can no longer shoulder the burden of mandates that are sent from the state and federal governments without the requisite funding coming along with those mandates.

        Patch: Describe the quality of education you think students are getting in the district?

          Carbone: The Yorktown Central School District provides its students with a top quality education. This is clearly evidenced by the being named a this year. We believe strongly in the “whole child” philosophy and supports the academic, social, and emotional growth of our students by providing them opportunities to shine not only in academics but also in the arts, music, athletics and extra-curricular clubs.

          Some of our more recent highlights:

          This month 8 of our science research students will participate in International Science fairs all over the country. Of the 16 winners in Westchester county 50% came from our district.

          Our Orchestra and Wind Ensemble each participated in different music festivals and both groups brought back superior ratings.

          Our students at just participated in a Living History unit by .

          Most of our athletic teams received Scholar Athlete designations.

          Patch: Are there measures you would take to improve upon it?

          Carbone: We will continue to support the professional development of our staff, so that they can in turn continue raising the bar of excellence for our students.

          Patch: You are running unopposed. Why do you suppose more people don't get involved, and what would you say to voters, parents, community members to encourage engagement around school issues?

            Carbone: I do what I do because it is who I am and how I was raised. I have no opinion or judgment on what others may or may not choose to do. There are many people who get involved on many different levels in many different areas of this community, just because you do not see them at BOE meetings does not mean they are not involved or engaged.

            Patch: Is there anything we haven't asked that you would like the public to know about you?

            Carbone: It has been a pleasure to serve the Yorktown community for the past six years. I feel privileged and honored to be able work with the administration and staff of the YCSD.

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