Jul 29, 2014

Four Senior Fort Bragg Officers Ordered to Testify in BG Jeffrey Sinclair's Trial

Outcome of motions on Tuesday for the June court-martial trial of US vs. Sinclair

Four Senior Fort Bragg Officers Ordered to Testify in BG Jeffrey Sinclair's Trial


Fort Bragg’s motions hearing for Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair began on Tuesday and is expected to run through the end of the week.

The trial stems around inappropriate and sexual misconduct allegations from several women in his chain of command. Though the two-star general admitted to an adulterous affair that he deemed was consensual, with texts and email traffic that corroborate his plea, he faces eight charges.

Lt. Col. William Helixon, the lead prosecutor asked the military judge to suspend the motion to suppress the emails that had previously been argued, requesting to have certain witnesses participate via telephone.

The defense team expressed that they did not wish to cross-examine witnesses by telephone if they were unable to appear in the court. “It’s highly ineffective to cross-examine someone by phone,” said lead defense team lawyer Richard Scheff.

Witnesses approved and ordered for testimony include: Col. Paul Wilson, the staff judge-advocate at Fort Bragg, and chief prosecutor Lt. Col. James Bagwell, Bragg’s chief prosecutor, staff judge-advocate Col. Paul Wilson, Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Colt, and Gen. Daniel Allyn

“Any other witnesses denied,” said military judge, Col. James Pohl on Tuesday afternoon in one of several motions made.

Sinclair’s civilian law firm from New York, Montgomery, McCracken are representing him in his court-martial trial scheduled for June 25. If convicted, Sinclair could face life in prison on the charges that include wrongful sexual contact, sodomy and adultery, which are considered crimes in military.

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