Jul 28, 2014
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Liar, Liar, Groundhog on Fire: Sue Him or Stew Him?

The Groundhog has lied. What should his punishment be?

Liar, Liar, Groundhog on Fire: Sue Him or Stew Him?

Liar, Liar, Groundhog on Fire. *Sigh*

We posted that simple comment on the Avon-Avon Lake Facebook page March 22 and it got more than 20 likes and a few comments including: “Phil is going to become groundhog stew!”

Another commenter accurately stated that Phil was “ Indicted by Butler County, Ohio” which is seeking the death penalty for the "unspecified felony." (Sidenote to PETA: All comments were made in good fun. There are no plans to initiate an ordinance to cull the groundhog. Alternate sidenote: Pennsylvania, beware of Ohio. We're watching you.)

This was after Phil predicted on Feb. 2 that spring was imminent.

The fact is, March is ending soon and while we got the lion, the lamb is still in hiding.

Spring arrived on schedule March 20, but forgot to bring, well, “spring” with it. And with another week of cold weather and snow in the forecast (snow is predicted for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), we’re all wondering, “Where’s the nice weather?”

Rumors are rampant. Prior to today’s semi-annualorganizers were overheard saying experts were not expecting spring-like weather until late April or possibly May.

They may be right. The two-legged weather prognosticators at Accuweather predicted on Feb. 3, the day following Groundhog Day, that milder weather may not arrive until late April or May for parts of the country.

So we want to know to know your thoughts on Phil. Is Phil a liar, liar pants on fire? What should his punishment be? Sue him or stew him? Tell us in the comments.

(Note: Editor Lori E. Switaj is a 36-year vegetarian and will not eat groundhog stew, even if you're cooking.)

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