Jul 26, 2014
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Portman Stops in Avon Lake to Support Romney/Ryan Ticket

Senator is introduced by Councilman Dan Bucci, said Romney supports auto industry.

Portman Stops in Avon Lake to Support Romney/Ryan Ticket Portman Stops in Avon Lake to Support Romney/Ryan Ticket

Fresh off of acting as debate coach and sparring partner for Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) made a pit stop in Avon Lake Oct. 26 to support the Republican ticket.

Portman spoke at the Republican Victory Center in Learwood (Giant Eagle) Plaza.

City councilman Dan Bucci, who formerly worked with Portman, introduced him.

“We’re doing better than we expected,” Portman said to the healthy crowd that showed up Friday morning. “Ultimately it will come down to the next 11 days.”

Portman focused on the need-for-change message, saying that the United States could resemble to woe-stricken Greece and other troubled European countries.

“They didn’t get their act together soon enough,” Portman said, noting the same could happen in the United States without change.  “You can’t continue to spend more than you take in and have more and more people dependent on government and have the system work.

“And I think that’s where we are.”

Acknowledging that the auto industry was a pivotal topic in Ohio, Portman said that Obama spoke inaccurately about Romney’s stance on the industry and that the Republican candidate supported government guarantees and backups for the auto industry several years back.

Portman told the Avon-Avon Lake Patch he felt jobs was the tipping point issue in Northeast Ohio that could sway voters to select Romney.

“Northeast Ohio has been hit hard by the recession and weak recovery,” Portman said. “It the weakest recovery since the Great Depression.”

He sees Romney’s energy plan, including relief at the pumps as a key to job recovery, including manufacturing, steel and aluminum industries.

Portman said offshore drilling wasn’t needed in Lake Erie, specifying areas like the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska and Virginia as areas that could support oil recovery.

Numerous city officials were on hand for the event including Mayor Greg Zilka and council members Jennifer Fenderbosch, Martin O'Donnell, John Shondel and Rob James.

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