Jul 28, 2014

Beachwood Board of Education Goes Paperless

Agendas, supplementary materials for board meetings will be hosted online, saving district time and money, says spokesperson

Beachwood Board of Education Goes Paperless

The Beachwood Board of Education's meeting agendas and supplemental materials have been moved to an online hosting site.

The district contracted with Board Docs for about $10,000 to host materials online for the board meetings.

For residents, this means that the agendas for meetings can still be found online. For board members, this means that dozens of pages that was printed out biweekly for meetings will be at their fingertips.

Two TVs also display the agenda and the votes for the members of the audience in real time during the meetings.

The new system is more efficient and transparent, district spokesperson Doug Levin said, and is part of a larger effort in the district.

"We're challenging ourselves and our staff in other areas where we can reduce our waste and cost," Levin added.

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