14 Sep 2014
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Home Staging on the Cheap

Staging your home isn't for the Rich... It's for the motivated. There are many things that you can do to get your home ready to be placed on the market. Here are my Top 8.

Home Staging on the Cheap Home Staging on the Cheap


It's funny. When I talk about home staging with some of my clients I get a look of fear and sometimes even a comment similar to "home staging if only for the 'high rollers.'" It's even funnier though when I mention home staging to a guy... 

Staging your home isn't for the rich or even the creative women... In fact, it's something that everybody should do when they go through the home selling process. 

Think about it like this... (did you put your thinking cap on?)

As we head into the "prime selling season" do you want your home to be seen or do you want your home to be sold? 

If you are thinking about selling your home this summer you mine as well start now. There are some very basic and minor things that you can do to help the rooms in your home appears larger, cleaner and fresher. Today's buyer wants to purchase a home in "move-in condition." Move-in condition means that all they have to do is move their crap into the home and live there. Today's buyer doesn't want to deal with painting, replacing carpet or even updating the kitchen.

Here are my Top 8 Home Staging Tips.

1) White is out. Neutrals are in... Try Sherwin Williams Practical Beige.

2) Curb appeal is huge... Green Grass + Manicured lawn + Fresh Mulch = Beautiful.

3) Divide and Conquer... Pick a room and make 3 piles of stuff. Pile 1 - Things you never use. Pile 2 - Things you sometimes use. Pile 3 - Things you always use. Only Pile 3 is allowed to go back in the room. Pile 1 goes to Goodwill and Pile 2 gets packed away.

4) Keep it clean and keep it large... I'm talking about your counter space. You know those things that your counter top sits on, you know those cabinets... put everything in there. Keep your counters clean and open so the appearance is that there is a ton of room.

5) The Bathrooms must appear to be large and clean. If you don't need it, hide it. Yes, that means that after you get ready in the morning you move all your "product" off the counter.

6) Buy a welcome mat that says "Welcome Home" and put it in front of the door that people will walk in for the first time.

7) Use Mirrors. Put some mirrors on the walls. This will help the buyer "see" themselves in the home.

8) Less is more. Plain and simple.

Of course, there are other things that you should be doing to help your home sell faster and for the most amount of money possible but this is a good start. If you want my complete list, you'll have to call me at 440-794-1450. 

For other tips on how you can stage your home and get it ready for prime selling season, call Rich Ganim - Cleveland's Real Estate Guy at 440-794-1450 or visit him online at www.RichGanim.com. 

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