Jul 28, 2014

City Starts Looking at Road Repairs for 2012

On Thursday, members of council toured the streets that are likely to see repairs next year.

City Starts Looking at Road Repairs for 2012

Members of Brecksville’s City Council toured the city this afternoon, taking a closer look at the roads targeted for improvements in 2012.

The members of the streets and sidewalks committee, along with the mayor, city administrators and some other council members, met in on Thursday afternoon to discuss the draft and estimated costs of the 2012 road project. After a brief discussion, some of the members headed out, comparing spots that were recently updated to those on the list for next year.

The project is still just a proposal at this time, but Director of Public Services Ron Weidig said he hopes the plan goes before council in November. This year’s road project was passed in December 2010.

If the draft is implemented as is, it would cost the city about $1,090,000. There are five major asphalt projects on the list, including sections of Miller Road, Highland Drive and Royalton Road.

    There are also a number of smaller concrete repairs throughout the city, including a portion of Lake Forest Drive that would cost more than $50,000.

    Thursday’s tour was a chance for the committee members to concentrate on the roads while they rode and to decide if any of the priorities on the list needed to change. The city rates the roads yearly.

    The city’s service department does the main asphalt work, with the help of contractors for some of the prep, and they contract out the concrete repairs, Weidig said.

    The costs aren’t set in stone – for example, Mayor Jerry N. Hruby said part of the Miller Road repairs would be paid for by the Cleveland Clinic, and the city was going to approach the state for help with the Royalton Road repairs.

    And the city’s needs could change after the winter. Weidig said that if the weather starts getting cold and all the recent waterfall begins freezing, it could be very hard on the roads. This year, the .

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