Jul 28, 2014
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No Vote on Proposed Dog Walking Pilot Legislation

Check out the six-month program that would allow dog owners to walk their animals in the park

No Vote on Proposed Dog Walking Pilot Legislation

Cleveland Heights City Council read for the first time legislation that would allow dog walking in Cain Park for six months.

modeled after a program in Lakewood that culminated in the abolishment of dog prohibitions in the city's parks, needs a majority vote from council to pass.

The group is still seeking volunteers to refill dog waste bags at the parks during the trial, which would take place from April 15 to October 15.

The proposal follows a survey last year about whether dogs should be allowed in Cain Park.

Council did not vote on the legislation Monday, and the second reading will be Feb. 19.

The legislation permits dog walking but includes rules:

  1. Any dog must be on a leash that is extended no farther than six (6) feet and must wear a collar or harness of proper size and strength for the particular dog.
  2. Any dog must be under control of a person who possesses physical strength and experience sufficient to exercise reasonable restraint and control of the dog.
  3. Any person bringing a dog into a public park shall promptly clean up any waste from the dog and place it in provided receptacles.
  4. Any person bringing a dog into a public park shall confine the dog to paved pathways.
  5. No person shall bring a dog into a public park on any day or portion of a day during which the City Manager has posted signs prohibiting the dogs in the park or a section of the park.
  6. Dog-walking shall be suspended during the Cain Park Arts Festival nad other widely-attended events as determined by the City Manager.

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