Family, friends, coworkers and union members are mourning the loss of Seth Rosen, 55, of Westlake, who drowned Friday, July 20 while vacationing in North Carolina.

Rosen was vice president of Communications Workers of America District 4, representing 50,000 members in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin, according to a statement about Rosen on the CWA website.

Loved ones have posted condolences to the family, memories and other messages on a Facebook page dedicated to his life.

The Barking Spider in Cleveland hosted a "musicians' memorial" in his honor Tuesday night. Rosen played guitar and mandolin with Gene's Jazz Hot, which performed regularly at in and other places around town. He was also in the Sethro Quartet.

“All of CWA today feels a tremendous loss. Seth spent his life with us in the union he loved. His commitment to every aspect of our union life cannot be matched. To honor his memory, we will complete and carry on that work, and never give up,” said CWA President Larry Cohen in a statement.

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