Jul 26, 2014

Fireworks Safety Tips for the Fourth of July

The State Fire Marshal shares tips on how to stay safe while you're having fun.

Fireworks Safety Tips for the Fourth of July Fireworks Safety Tips for the Fourth of July Fireworks Safety Tips for the Fourth of July Fireworks Safety Tips for the Fourth of July Fireworks Safety Tips for the Fourth of July

Some of the best things about celebrating the Fourth of July are the most dangerous. So, to stay safe this holiday, the  Ohio Fire Marshal shared information on how to celebrate without getting hurt.

The following information was provided by State Fire Marshal Larry Flowers:

Fireworks Safety

  • The only types of fireworks that can be legally purchased and discharged in Ohio are trick and novelty devices.These include items that smoke, sparkle, snap and snake.
  • Carefully read and follow the label directions on the trick and novelty device packaging.
  • Sparkler wires, which can burn up to 1,800 degrees, should be placed in a bucket of water right away because they remain hot for a few minutes after burnout.

Other fireworks, like those sold at fireworks stores around Ohio, can be legally purchased in the state, but you must agree to take them out of Ohio to discharge.

"You must be at least 18 years of age to buy items such as firecrackers and bottle rockets at the stores you see along the roadways of Ohio," said State Fire Marshal Larry Flowers.  

Firing them off within state boundaries is prohibited, he said.

There are stiff penalties for the illegal possession or discharge of fireworks, Flowers said. It is a first-degree misdemeanor to:

  • Anybody non-licensed to discharge fireworks in Ohio
  • To falsify an application when buying fireworks
  • To possess them for more than 48 hours without taking them out of state.

First-time offenders are subject to up to a $1,000 fine and six months in prison.

These are the fireworks that can be sold in Ohio:

1.3G Fireworks

  • Display or exhibitor fireworks include aerial shells that are fired from mortars. They can only be sold by or to a licensed manufacturer, wholesaler, or, under limited circumstances, out-of-state shippers. 1.3G fireworks can only be discharged by a professional, licensed exhibitor. These fireworks can only be discharged by a licensed exhibitor in accordance with Ohio laws regarding exhibitions, including a properly issued exhibition permit issued by the local fire and police departments. 

1.4G Fireworks

  • Commonly referred to as consumer fireworks, these include firecrackers, bottle rockets, roman candles and fountains. A license is needed to sell these, but anyone over 18 can buy these items. However, they must sign a form saying they will take the fireworks outside the state of Ohio within 48 hours. It is illegal to set them off in Ohio. 

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