Jul 26, 2014

Natatorium Lawsuit Goes All the Way to Ohio Supreme Court

Michael Hawsman injured his knee on a swimming pool diving board at the Natatorium in 2006 and the family has been engaged in a lawsuit against the city ever since.

Natatorium Lawsuit Goes All the Way to Ohio Supreme Court

From the local level on up to the Ohio Supreme Court, the case of Michael Hawsman has certainly made a splash in the state’s judicial system.

In 2006, Hawsman injured his leg on a diving board at the and his family has been trying to sue the city – which owns the fitness center – ever since, reports the Falls News Press. 

They claim the diving board wasn’t properly maintained, which led to the injury. The city, however, said it was immune from such liability and cited a section of the Ohio Revised Code to back its case.

The Summit County Court of Common Pleas had sided with the city, but in 2011, the Ninth District Court of Appeals overturned the ruling per an appeal by the Hawsman family, according to Falls Law Director Paul Janis.

“The court of appeals reversed, saying we were not immune from the liability and so we appealed to the Ohio Supreme Court and they accepted the case, and the case has been heard and submitted as of June 20,” said Janis.

He said the city should receive word in July on how the court wishes to proceed.

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