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The Home of Alcoholics Anonymous – How It Works This here’s a story about a man named Bill, a pitiful hustler who founded a religious cult that demands his followers forever refer to themselves with negative affirmations. People like David Koresh, Sun Myung Moon, Joseph Di Mambro, L Ron Hubbard, Frank Buchman, Claude Vorilhon, Shoko Asahara, Charles Manson and Jim Jones, have so little to offer the world, they must find a way to make themselves more important than others … they must find a way to make themselves into Gurus. They attract other guru-wannabes and desperate followers to ensure their cult grows and prospers. They also have strict, non-negotiable, all-or-nothing principles for their followers for which they themselves are not required, (nor are their fellow old-timer-wannabe gurus), to adhere. Their ‘home’ is beyond reproach, and they are beyond criticism. Fools gold made to look like Texas Tea. The most brilliant of these cult is commonly knows as Alcoholics Anonymous, and their guru is William Griffith Wilson (November 26, 1895 – January 24, 1971). By ‘brilliant,’ I mean a cult beyond mass suicides and mass murders. Their ‘brilliance’ exists in the brainwashing of members into killing their independent thought, and inability to take responsibility for ones actions following the brainwashing. They are required to recruit others to their cult and convert them to their way of life. The ‘brilliance’ also exists in the longevity of the AA cult, and the cultural hold the manipulation has to the principles of the cult. The cult known as the ’12 Steps’ has managed to scam the American justice system into illegally mandating people to attend their cult meetings. Although this mandating is a breach of one’s constitutional rights based on the 1st Amendment’s Establishment Clause, it is practiced every day, even on a first time DUI offender, or a teen who is not safe in this cult. Even more ‘brilliant,’ is the tradition of ‘anonymity.’ This ‘anonymity’ ensures that the leaders are never held responsible for the sexual abuse and deviant crimes perpetuated everyday on vulnerable newcomers. This ‘anonymity’ also provides a criminal the protection to continue abusing others when other cult members hide the truth, even in the many cases of rape, rape of a minor, or confession of a murder. The tradition of keeping clear of ‘outside issues’ gives members carte blanche for horrible behavior and unreported crimes. There have been countless examples of police investigations which turn up with no witnesses that later, with a subpoena, turn into criminal cases. Thankfully however, recently in the home of AA, Akron Ohio, there are members who are no longer hiding behind this ‘anonymity.’ This story is the main topic of this article. But first, a bit of history. The photo above was taken in 1942 in Dayton, Ohio where members of Alcoholics Anonymous donned masks in an attempt to protect their anonymity. This looks more like grown men in a fantasy play to the Lone Ranger. The Lone Ranger was a fictional character who fought injustice in the American Old West, first brought to us on a 1933 radio show. The Lone Ranger and his horse ‘Silver.’ However, this feeble attempt at anonymity, and fantasy hero role-playing, was trashed six years later in the picture below. They are all clearly identifiable in this picture taken during a conference in 1950. How did these men come together, why, and what kind of men invented this cult fellowship called Alcoholics Anonymous? First of all, Bill Wilson, like his guru brothers, was a washed-up hustler, a liar and a cheat. Bill Wilson attracted liars and cheats to join him. You see, that is how life works. What we put out into the world, we get back … and then some. It is simply the law of attraction. Alcoholics Anonymous claims to be about attraction rather than promotion, but this is just another lie to avoid responsibility for criminal behavior and complete avoidance of responsibility for changing one’s behavior at all. Some time in 1934, a guy named William Griffith Wilson claimed to be newly-sober after a divine revelation brought him a moment of clarity that demanded he ask for help. He found the beliefs of cult leader Frank Buchman, (June 4, 1878 – August 7, 1961), best known as Dr. or Rev. Frank Buchman. Buchman was a Protestant Christian Evangelist who founded the Oxford Group (known as Moral Re-Armament from 1938 until 2001, and as Initiatives of Change since then). They called themselves ‘Buchmanites.’ Bill Wilson found the Oxford Group principles to be just what he needed. They are: 1) Admission of personal defeat. (You are a defeated sinner). 2) Taking of personal inventory. (List your sins, to whom they were committed, and your part in them) 3) Confession of one’s sins to another person. (A person unqualified to be trusted or helpful) 4) Making amends to those one has harmed. (Even if these people do not want you anywhere near them or their family) 5) Helping others selflessly. (Which is an oxymoron since all these precepts are meant to help you and only you) 6) Praying to God for guidance and the power to put these precepts into practice. (Selfish prayer rather than taking action to make behavioral changes) One 12 Step requirement not included in the above list is the practice of recruiting others to the group. Actually, many Oxford Group believers would say, “It is there in number five. Converting people to the right religious ‘principles’, so that they can get into heaven along with you. Working all day long to get new converts for the Group is ‘helping others selflessly.’” In fact, because the Oxford Groups and Moral Re-Armament had an official policy of never dispensing charity to anybody (nice religion), recruiting more people into the cult was the only way that the Buchmanites ever “helped others selflessly”. Another 12 step requirement not included in the list is turning one’s will and life over to the care of God. The Big Book of AA refers to God as “a power greater that yourself” or a God ‘of your own understanding” but they are not fooling anyone. They will claim that one can make anything their higher power, even a doorknob. (I wish I were kidding). They will even claim to an agnostic or atheist that they can make the group itself their higher power: Group Of Drunks. (Again, I wish I were kidding). Wilson, when plagiarizing the 12 steps from the Oxford principles, decided to soften the references to God so as to attract the most followers possible. They are talking about the Frank Buckman God, or more accurately, Frank Buckman as God. The Oxford Group is nothing more than a religious cult that was created by a deceitful fascist renegade Lutheran minister: Buchman. Buchman was a dogmatic fanatic who actually thanked heaven for giving us Adolf Hitler, and praised Heinrich Himmler as “a great lad”. Similarly, Bill Wilson was nothing more than a Wall Street hustler who lied about once being a prosperous stock broker. He just sat down, in December of 1938, and wrote up twelve commandments for the new religious group that he and fellow alcoholics Doctor Robert Smith and Clarence Snyder had started. As stated above, those commandments were simply a repackaged version of the practices of the cult religion that was popular at that time, the Oxford Group. In fact, Wilson and his cronies were asked to leave the Oxford Group. Bill Wilson, Dr. Robert Smith, and Clarence Snyder had all been enthusiastic, true-believer members of Frank Buchman’s Oxford Group cult religion, but the other group members asked Bill to leave, and to take his slimy alcoholics with him because Bill was spending too much time with his alcoholics, and not enough time following the dictates of the cult leader, Frank Buchman. Wilson had to make himself into a guru since he was incapable of following anyone other than himself. It must have been humiliating to be asked to leave the Oxford Group, but it gave Wilson the chance to lift the principles of Oxford and present them as his own. At home, Bill Wilson’s treatment of his wife Lois can only be described as cold, cruel, vindictive, and heartless. Bill Wilson cheated on Lois with many different women, both before, during, and after sobriety. He even cheated on her while she worked in Loesser’s department store to support him. “I’m going to a meeting” was often a double-entendre when Bill Wilson said it. Bill actually invented the old A.A. tradition of Thirteenth Stepping the pretty women who come to A.A. meetings seeking help for alcoholism. (First you teach them the Twelve Steps, and then you take them to the bedroom and teach them the Thirteenth Step….). This is where this story comes home to March of 2013. Thirteenth Stepping in Alcoholics Anonymous and all other off-shoots of 12 Step cults, is a euphemistic term for sexually preying on women, (and sometimes women on men or same sex abuses), in the ‘rooms’ of AA. Go to any AA meeting or ask anyone who is in AA about 13th stepping and they will confirm it is alive and well. They will also most likely justify this behavior by mocking the practice or minimizing the problem, stating that those who are being ’13th stepped’ are consenting adults and know what they are doing. They will claim that they cannot get involved because 13th stepping is considered an ‘outside issue.’ Those of us who are exposing the truth of the 12 Steps reject this sick rationalization. First of all, anyone, regardless of age, who first comes into this ‘program’ for help is at their most vulnerable. People who are new in this program are looking for help and are usually willing to do whatever they are told to do as long as it is presented as a solution. Second, young people are vulnerable to older people, especially young women to older men. The older men know exactly what they are doing and there are countless stories of older men taking sexual advantage of younger women. The most disgusting of these stories is the one called the Midtown Group in Washington, DC where 16 and 17-year-old girls were required, for their 5th Step, to have sex with the older men in the group. They were also reported to require members stop taking doctor prescribed medications, even after suicides were reported from this dangerous practice. This advice to stop taking doctor prescribed medications is a rampant problem throughout 12 step groups. Apparently they feel that taking medication of any kind makes one ‘not sober.’ AAWS (Alcoholics Anonymous World Services) has acknowledged the problem of asking members to stop taking prescribed medications, but refuses to do anything about it. It is, again, considered to be an ‘outside issue.’ Those of us working to inform the public about the dangers of this cult disagree: when someone confesses to a sponsor or aloud in a meeting to a crime, this is an inside issue. Recently, in both the Paridise Club (Cuyahoga Falls, OH) and the Interval Brotherhood Home (Akron, Ohio), there have been confessions of criminal activity. According to my many sources, a fellow by the name of ‘Bruce’ has confessed to the rapes one 8-year-old girl and one 12-year-old girl. He also confessed to being part of murdering a woman known as ‘Naya.’ According to my many sources, Bruce was dating a woman (‘Ann Marie’), whom he met in the group. Ann Marie is a single working mom with 6 children, 4 of which are daughters. Everyone in the group knew that he was cheating on Ann Marie and yet she was the last to know. Bruce has, for a very long time, been an active member in the AA and NA (Narcotics Anonymous) community in Akron, Ohio. A source known as ‘Tim’ claimed to have seen Bruce target new, young women who came to Paridise Club and the Internal Brotherhood Club for help. ”I saw him on many occasions taking young women, minors, for rides on his motorcycle, and then brag about getting them to clean his apartment for $40. He would then have sex with them when he had them under his control.” Tim states that there are many people who saw Bruce preying on any new, young woman he could get his hands on. According to my sources, Bruce confessed in public at both the Paridise Club and to the Board of Directors at the Interval Brotherhood Home, to being a sex addict who had turned to alcohol. He confessed that he was still struggling with sex addiction and was constantly masturbating to pictures of young girls. He even confessed to a co-worker that he wanted to have sex with her and was obsessed with fantasies of her. According to Tim, these groups use their traditions to avoid responsibility. But this group based in the home of Alcoholics Anonymous, have written their own tradition based on the 13th Step “Tradition 13 - The welfare and sobriety of the group and fellowship far outweighs the sobriety of ANY individual. If the actions of any individual, both legal or illegal, jeopardize the sobriety of another, especially newcomers, the group owes the individual actions to protect their sobriety up to and including banishment from the fellowship for offenders. Individual counseling is recommended for such unfortunates.” Bruce has yet to be banished. In fact, Bruce has yet to be arrested or even investigated by law enforcement. According to Tim, Bruce resigned from the Paridise Club with a large group in attendance. Tim reports, “At which I, ‘Tim’, witnessed and will swear under oath that ‘Bruce’ did confess to sexually harassing the current and former employees. Did confess to being a sexual predator using his authority to gain access to opportunities to prey on women at their weakest moments including the minor children of ‘Samantha’ and ‘Ann Marie’. And the Board Members present did witness the same event and did nothing to report nor remedy the situation developing from said resignation meeting.” What was the response of the members of the board present at this confession? They claimed that Ann Marie should not have stayed with Bruce and that all these confessions were a matter of his ‘character defects.’ Character defects in 12 step groups are a ‘get-away-with-any-crime’ card. According to these groups, an alcoholic has a sick soul that cannot ever be mended and can only be controlled by being a member of the group. Since your soul is sick and there is no cure, you are not responsible for your behavior and only another alcoholic can understand you. Therefore, since this group is your only chance for survival and the greatest accomplishment of your life, your peers will defend you no matter what you do. Sounds like the perfect environment for predators and convicted felons does it not? This is How It Works. They will tell you that ‘how it works’ is following their path, working the steps, practicing ‘rigorous honesty’ etc, etc. This is all a lie. The true way it works is this: Members harbor the truth and the criminal activities of those who should not be trusted around your daughters or yourself or even your dog. This is such a common story, it is no surprise to those of us who work to expose the truth. Ann Marie, Tim and my other sources are working on it together. They are very generous with their updates of the situation and I thank them for trusting me with this information. I have encouraged Ann Marie to file a restraining order against Bruce. He is full of character defects no doubt, but more accurately, he is full of nothing but excuses and has found the perfect group of people in which to hide and lie and continue to abuse women and children. Members of this group are incapable of ‘rigorous honesty.’ Ann Marie had been diagnosed with cancer and shortly after her diagnosis, the truth of Bruce’s past and present came to light. She broke up with him, and he promptly admitted to the group that he was praying for her death so that he could have sex with her daughters. That was the last straw. Since my first conversation with Ann Marie, Bruce has threatened her and her daughters repeatedly. One evening he decided that he would vandalize and steal from her car (he has the spare key). She spent hours filling out a report at the police station. She has promised me to keep me up to date on the ongoing story, as have my other contacts. The members of the group continue to cover up and make excuses for Bruce. ”They even tried to throw out there that my cancer has added a great deal of stress on Bruce and caused his heart and mind to be all twisted up. This one lady even said I need to not over think Bruce praying me dead in hopes to be with one of my daughters; it’s his way of still being connected to a healthy me. Now that’s sick! You are correct I need to get Angry, Mad, Empowered, using it to Speak out … Loudly and Boldly. They may not like what I have to say, but it needs said. I am driven with a pure heart to stand up for what is right. As well as what needs to be STOPPED! Not just with Bruce’s actions, he’s just one example of the sick, immoral UNACCEPTABLE things going on in the rooms.” - Ann Marie. As I said in the beginning of this article, what we put out into the world, we get back … and then some. It is simply the law of attraction. It is akin to a marriage that starts off with a big lie… this marriage is doomed to fail. The marriage may last for a long time, but to begin under a deception, the only place to go is more snowball deceptions until the marriage implodes. Bill Wilson and all the wannabe lone rangers began this group with nothing but lies. This group attracts people like Bruce as flies to a horses ass. This is just one of hundreds of criminal stories coming from the cult invented by the likes of guru Bill Wilson, or Bill Wilson as God. Most of these stories go unreported and are swept under the table with the excuses of ‘anonymity’ and ‘outside issues.’ No more. I say, along with a growing number of enlightened people, No More. Most people do not have the moxie and confidence (especially if they have been indoctrinated) to expose the truth and dangers of this cult. Even in the ‘home’ of the 12 Step Cult of Akron, Ohio … the predators attracted by the legacy of Guru Bill Wilson, are alive and well. Thank you to all of you brave souls who have come forth with this important story. More will be revealed, whether the disciples of 12 Step cults like it or not.

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