15 Sep 2014
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Neighbors say Chizek was a 'Friendly Guy'

WNIR talk show host Howie Chizek, a Twinsburg resident, died of a heart attack over the weekend.

Neighbors say Chizek was a 'Friendly Guy'

Richard and Lisa Wamsley lived right across the street from Akron radio personality Howie Chizek.

While neither of them knew Chizek well, they thought the world of the Parmalee Drive resident because of his radio show.

“He seemed like an awfully nice guy,” Richard said.

Chizek, 65, died of a heart attack on Saturday, June 18, while taking underpriveleged children on a trip to Disney World.

Chizek was a long-time talk show host for WNIR and was often called the "voice of common sense."

While Richard Wamsley only listened to Chizek on the radio periodically, he enjoyed his personality.

“He was nice to people,” Richard said. “He would let them say what they wanted as long as they were decent. I think sometimes he put people up to things so he could hear another opinion, but that’s what made him a good guy; he would listen.”

Both Wamsleys best remember Chizek by they way he cared for children.

Lisa said while she didn’t know him personally, she would see him at grocery and he would always stop and say hello to her and her granddaughter.

“He just loved children,” Lisa said. “He was just a caring person.”

They recounted how each year at Halloween Chizek would be out in his driveway, sitting at a card table and passing candy out to kids as they walked by.

Lisa said it broke her heart to hear of Chizek’s passing on Saturday.

“It made me weep when I heard about it becasue he was such a friendly guy,” she said. “He was just so outreaching.”

Both agreed Chizek wasn't a “showy” person and would keep a “low-profile” at times because of his schedule, but he was always a friendly neighbor.

"He was a very nice person," Richard said.

Twinsburg Patch readers also shared their thoughts on Chizek's passing.

Kenny Vichill said:

"I loved this man. He was an infuence like no other, to me and to thousands of others. The world has lost one its greatest humanitarians. He was truly a saint to those who knew him, I only wish more could have had the chance. Thank you Howie, your contribution to what is good has been documented and your name will live on."

What fond memories do you have of Howie Chizek? Share them in the comments section below.

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