Jul 29, 2014
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Letter to the Editor: Dangers of Pollution

Lakewood resident speaks out against the to air pollution — more specifically: coal pollution.

Letter to the Editor: Dangers of Pollution

This letter was submitted by Lakewood resident Heather Morgan

Ohio has become the biggest offender when it comes to toxic air waste.

The people of Ohio are suffering and literally paying for this to happen. It appalls me that our government knows about this and continues to let this happen.

Ohio’s outdated coal plants are causing people to die, while leaving the rest to live with diseases like M.S and cancer cause by public utilities’ lust for profit and power.

Their precious systems are ravaged by these toxins, causing Ohio to be an autism hotbed, not to mention 120,000 new causes of "unexplained" asthma that leave our children gasping for breath.

I urge the Public Utilities Commission to take a stance on this issue. First Energy needs to invest in cleaner alternatives like the rest of our state utilities and stop our chances for a long healthy life. 

Heather Morgan


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