Jul 28, 2014

Find Out Your New Home Value: Plain Dealer Database

Solon residents can find out their new home value in a searchable database compiled by the Plain Dealer

Find Out Your New Home Value: Plain Dealer Database

You won't get an official notice from the auditor's office until next month, but thanks to the Plain Dailer, Solon homeowners can find out today the new value of their homes.

The newspaper has created an online database that includes the new home values. Values are changing because of a state-required re-appraisal.

Go to the Plain Dealer to search for your home's new value.

While values in Cuyahoga County dropped by an average of 9 percent, Solon's homes faired much better. Solon values dropped by an average of 3 percent.

Now for the disclaimer, straight from the Plain Dealer:

These values are not yet set. Do not call the county to complain or ask questions at this point. Officials are not yet able to answer your questions. Once a final proposed value is determined for each property - probably by mid-July - letters will be mailed to each property owner.

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