Jul 30, 2014
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16 Homes Report Flooding After Monday's Storm

Clean-up continues today in some harder-hit areas

16 Homes Report Flooding After Monday's Storm 16 Homes Report Flooding After Monday's Storm

Sixteen homeowners reported their yards or basements were flooded Monday after a rainstorm and melting snow caused waterways and sewers to overflow.

Service Director Joe Walker said there were probably other incidents of basement flooding that were not reported to the city.

Of the 16 calls, a few dealt with flooded yards, while others involved water in basements, including some sanitary sewer backups.

"The entire system was surcharged," Walker said. "Baldwin Creek was so high, we couldn't pump anything into it."

Two of the flood complaints came from Atlantic Drive, while the rest were scattered throughout the city.

"There wasn't a particular area that was hit," Walker said. "It was all over."

Several streets temporarily filled with water, most peaking about 6:30 a.m. and receding by noon. On Boston Road between Prospect and Pearl, a garbage can caused serious flooding when it rolled into a ditch.

"It got stuck in a culvert like a cork," Walker said. 

Crews were still on site today clearing out the ditches that became filled with debris. The city was also fixing some driveway culverts that were washed out.

The Rocky River overflowed its banks throughout the Cleveland Metroparks, closing many sections of Valley Parkway in Strongsville and Berea, but the area was not nearly as hard hit as other parts of Northeast Ohio.

Ten years ago, it would have been a different story. Then, a storm like this would have resulted in "probably a couple hundred" flooded basements, Walker said.

"The system is in a lot better shape now," he said, due to on-going maintenance.

In fact, just last week, city crews checked retention basins to make sure they were clear.

"There are a lot of things we're doing now on an on-going basis," Walker said.

When residents report flooded basements, the city advises them to contact their insurance companies.

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