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“FIGHT with FINESSE” Fundraiser Exceeds $10K for Dr. Vincent K. Tuohy’s Breast Cancer Vaccine

“FIGHT with FINESSE” Fundraiser Exceeds $10K for Dr. Vincent K. Tuohy’s Breast Cancer Vaccine

Brecksville, Ohio (October 30, 2013)—Finesse Fine Jewelry by Ramiro Ortega is pleased to announce that they have raised over $10K in donations for the breast cancer vaccine developed by Dr. Vincent K. Tuohy of the Cleveland Clinic. The donations will help fund clinical trials and ongoing research and development.

“I am delighted; it is because of the giving hearts of many that we were able to meet and exceed our initial goal,” said Ramiro Ortega, Designer and Owner of Finesse Fine Jewelry. "The Fight with Finesse campaign began as a conversation with our Marketing Consultant, Francine Ciaccia. I explained to Francine that it was important for us as a business to find a way to give back to the community that would make a difference on a broad scale. She shared with me the story of her battle with an aggressive form of breast cancer called triple-negative, and told me about Dr. Vincent Tuohy and his vaccine.” Now five years cancer-free, Ciaccia has worked diligently to raise awareness of and support for Dr. Tuohy's vaccine. “We immediately embraced the idea of creating the fundraiser, and the response has been remarkable,” Ortega continued.  

“I was thrilled when Ramiro welcomed the idea of a fundraiser for Dr. Tuohy’s breast cancer vaccine,” said Ciaccia. Ciaccia is the Owner and President of  MoMo Companies Ltd. “Until recently, very little was known about triple-negative breast cancer. At last, I feel there is hope on the horizon that this vaccine could someday prevent this very aggressive form of breast cancer.” Ciaccia, a Patient Mentor with the 4th Angel Mentor Program, met Dr. Tuohy several years ago at the Scott Hamilton Ice Show.

Upon learning of the Fight with Finesse campaign, Dr. Tuohy stated, “I am most grateful for your support and the support of my community. I am also very happy that you have joined me in sharing a vision of the future in which we control breast cancer by providing healthy cancer-free women with an immune defense or “shield” against this disease so that women are no longer defenseless against breast cancer and no longer have to sit all too often in that chemo chair.”

The Fight with Finesse campaign kicked off in mid-September, and quickly gained momentum. Jim Kandrac, Founder and President of United Computer Group, Inc. (UCG), a technology firm in Independence, Ohio, immediately matched Ortega’s donation of $2,500. The value of community is making itself clear, as Ortega has been the Kandrac family jeweler for many years, and Ciaccia also manages United Computer Group’s marketing initiatives. “When Francine told me about the fundraiser Finesse was hosting to raise money for the breast cancer vaccine, I didn’t hesitate. We likely all know someone who has had breast cancer, is currently battling the disease, or has lost their battle,” stated Kandrac, who is raising additional dollars for the vaccine through an internal campaign.          

Finesse Fine Jewelry is not finished with their efforts, however. The Fight with Finesse campaign will run through December 31st in hopes of raising as much money as possible. Learn more by visiting their donation page on the Cleveland Clinic's website:   finessefinejewelry.com/fundraiser.

On Saturday, November 2 from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm, Dr. Vincent K. Tuohy will be at Finesse Fine Jewelry at 8169 Chippewa Road, Brecksville, Ohio for a Meet and Greet. The event is open to the public, and guests will have the opportunity to meet Dr. Tuohy, ask him questions, and get to know this prominent scientist.

About Finesse Fine Jewelry by Ramiro Ortega


Finesse Fine Jewelry was established through Ramiro Ortega's passion for model making, custom design, and immaculate craftsmanship. Born in Mexico in Jacona, Michoacán, Ramiro came to the United States at sixteen years old. He studied with European jewelers for many years, beginning his career in Chicago. There he perfected his craft, designing distinctive, one-of-a-kind pieces during an era in which mass produced jewelry was commonplace. Ramiro later relocated to Northeast Ohio and opened his own showroom in Brecksville, Ohio in 2003. For over 30 years, Ramiro has attracted discerning clients who appreciate and share his philosophy for high quality, unique design, and unmatched artistry.

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