Jul 30, 2014
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Man in Pink Says He's Pregnant: Police Blotter

The following information was provided by the Strongsville police department

Man in Pink Says He's Pregnant: Police Blotter


Employees at Ann Taylor at SouthPark Mall called security Oct. 16 when a man came into the store claiming to be pregnant with triplets.

A report said the man was wearing earrings and carrying a pink backpack and black purse.

Employees called security, who asked the man to leave, then escorted him out.

Smoking What?

A man walking his dog reported a heavy odor of marijuana coming from the garage of a Misty Lake Drive house Oct. 16.

Police found the residents were smoking, but not pot. A report said they had a hookah in the garage.

Man Tries to Get in Woman's Car

A woman driving north on Pearl Road about 10 p.m. Oct. 15 told police a man tried to get into her car while she was stopped at the light by Salvation Army.

A report said the car was locked and the man didn't get in. The woman said he was talking to himself.

Police found the apparent suspect when they made a traffic stop in the area a short time later. A report said the man, who lives in North Royalton, was in no condition to drive. They locked his car and called his mother to pick him up.

The report also said the same man may have been responsible for accidentally hitting a mailbox on West 130th Street about 8 p.m. the same night.

Vicious Vandalism

A truck on Oakland Park Drive took some abuse the night of Oct. 15.

A report said someone slashed a tire, keyed the window and poured salt in the gas tank.

Vicious Virus

A Saratoga Trail woman reported receiving a notice on her computer from the FBI, saying she is violating the law.

It asks for money to unlock her computer

The message is a scam, police said. 

Not Good Enough for Picker?

A Webster Road man found a computer monitor in his yard Oct. 16.

A report said a trash picker probably took if off someone's lawn, then found it was broken and left it.

Strange Box on Lawn

A Greenbrier Drive man called police when he found a strange cigar-type box on his lawn Oct. 18.

Police said it was some type of transmitter. It had a light, which the officer turned off, and a battery. The officer tossed it in the trash.

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