Jul 28, 2014
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Think Your Taxes are High? Check Out Your Neighbors

Strongsville ranks fairly low in countywide comparison

Think Your Taxes are High? Check Out Your Neighbors

Property taxes in Strongsville are lower than most communities in the county, according to a comparison by the Cuyahoga County Treasurer.

In fact, of the 80 districts (which include portions of school districts that lie in more than one community), 20 have lower effective tax rates than Strongsville, the figures show.

According to the county treasurer, Strongsville has a voted tax rate of 114.08 mills, being collected at an effective rate of 70.30.

That translates to an annual property tax bill of $2,152.79 a year for every $100,000 in home valuation.

The figures are for 2011 taxes, which are being collected in 2012.

Compare that to cities like Lakewood (94.59 effective rate), Shaker Heights (118.48), Cleveland Heights, (108.46), Bay Village (88.5), North Olmsted (88.71), Olmsted Township (90.82) Olmsted Falls (88.61), Parma (76.63) and Fairview Park (91.21).

Ward 3 Councilman Jim Carbone said he was not surprised to find Strongsville's taxes lower than other cities.'

"I think it's not just the low taxes -- it's what you get for your low taxes," he said. "Most other communities have higher taxes and don't even come close to having the amenities we have."

About 60 percent of property taxes go to the schools in most cities. In Strongsville, effective millage for schools is 40.8, which translates into $1,227 a year per $100,000 of home valuation. 

Cuyahoga County gets 13.12 mills ($401 a year) and the city reaps 7.41 mills, or $227 a year. 

The city operates largely on its 2 percent income tax.

Economic Development Director Brent Painter said the number of businesses in Strongsville contribute to the lower tax rate. 

"This is why our business community is so important to the financial well-being of our city," Painter said. "Because of these contributions made by the business community, property taxes are lower than neighboring communities, which truly benefits the residents."

In Lakewood, homeowners pay $1,736 a year to the schools for each $100,000 of valuation, and $532 to the city. In Olmsted Falls, residents pay $1,659 to the schools and $355 to the city.

"We have one of the best in the country, four new fire stations, a practically new police station, new library, new baseball fields all over the city and we do more for our seniors then anyone," Carbone said. "Strongsville also doesn't charge extra for garbage pick-up and we are paving more streets than most other communities."

Communities paying lower property taxes than Strongsville include North Royalton (69.9), Brooklyn (64.03), Brook Park (66.21), Beachwood (65.78), Independence (57.76), Westlake (67.29), Linndale (58.82), Broadview Heights (68.13) and Middleburg Heights (66.20).

The tax rate is expected to become an issue this fall when to and make repairs to other school buildings.

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