Jul 28, 2014

Love Movies? Blog About Them on Twinsburg Patch

We are looking for a Twinsburg resident to blog about movies or even review them

Love Movies? Blog About Them on Twinsburg Patch

Do you think of yourself as this generation's Roger Ebert? Or do you just love watching, talking and writing about movies?

If you like any of those things, we have a great opportunity for you.

Twinsburg Patch is looking for someone to blog about movies. Whether you want to write a review on an all-time favorite, or you just saw a brand-new blockbuster, we want you to write about it.

Interested? Contact Local Editor Mitch Cooper at mitch.cooper@patch.com and we'll help you through the sign-up process.

Here are five quick reasons why you should blog on Twinsburg Patch:

  1. It’s easy and free. You get signed up and then with a few clicks of a mouse, you will be able to put your thoughts and expertise on the website.
  2. The time commitment is up to you. Whether you want to do it daily, weekly, monthly or less frequently, the time you put into your blog will depend on your schedule. We won’t require you to do any more than you want to.
  3. It’s your voice. There will be very little editing done to the blog entries. The editor will check for libel and quality issues and may correct a typo or a comma here and there, but will not change much on your blog.
  4. You get to share your knowledge and expertise. Whether you like politics, local government, Twinsburg's great schools, realty, knitting, cooking, gardening or basket weaving, you have a place blogging for Patch.
  5. You get to meet others with similar interests. You will find people with similar interests and share information, including discussing politics, figuring out new recipes, getting tips about lawn care and learning about the great things happening in the schools.

Remember, if you want to learn more or sign up,  send an email to Editor Mitch Cooper. We look forward to hearing from you!

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