Jul 28, 2014

Man Trips Over Power Washer Causing Disturbance, Arrested

The following information was provided by the Twinsburg Police Department.

Man Trips Over Power Washer Causing Disturbance, Arrested

got a call for a disturbance on Richner Court on Aug. 13.

But it wasn't what officers expected.

When they arrived there wasn't much of a disturbance, just a man who tripped over a power washer.

Unfortunately, the man did have a warrant out for his arrest and was taken in to the Oakwood Police Department.

That's yard work?

A Glenwood Drive resident called police on Aug. 11 saying a group of juveniles were "smoking drugs" in nearby yard.

Officers found four juveniles and one adult. 

One juvenile was charged with possession of drug parahernalia.

Dogs smell everything

Police stopped a car at the former stamping plant on Aug. 11 for an expired registration.

Officers felt a K9 sniff was necessary and found burnt marijuana cigarettes in the ash tray, a baggie of marijuana in the passengers seat and a glass pipe in a purse.

The woman was charged with drug abuse and paraphernalia.

Drunken driving

After making an illegal u-turn on Darrow Road, police pulled a car over on Aug. 13.

During the stop officers noticed the smell of alcohol coming from the driver, along with watery and blood-shot eyes.

The man failed a series of sobriety tests and was charged with drunken driving.

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