Jul 30, 2014
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Plan to Make Pet Shopping Part of Black Friday

Pet Stores Offering Friday Savings for All Ye Over-stuffed Consumers

Plan to Make Pet Shopping Part of Black Friday

There's the overeating, the overeating again, and then there are still the desserts.

For anything left over — and there still will be, even after all of that, even after Dad's thirds — here's last year's column on Thanksgiving-style pet food.

And for those of us who already know we'll be so stuffed after our smörgåsbord that the thought of stuffing will make us nauseous, well, let's redirect our attention to the day after. The day of doorbuster sales and stretching one's legs to move faster than one's neighbor toward savings. The day we temporarily turn our attention from overeating to overwhelmed. The day we never weigh ourselves.

Black Friday.

Good news: Pet stores in nearby are touting some pretty appetizing savings on food, treats, clothes, toys, pampering services and more.

PetSmart, 9122 Mentor Avenue, will open at 7 a.m. Friday morning to 61 special deals and 50 percent off more than 1,000 items suitable for holiday stocking-stuffing. (I know I said stuffing again. Sorry.) Dog beds worth $19.99 will be starting under $9 — worth fighting the Thanksgiving hangover for, am I right?

Click here and scroll down to view the Black Friday advertisement.

Up the street  Petco Animal Supplies, 7721 Mentor Avenue, will be trying to one-up PetSmart by offering free dog antlers to anyone scanning their Pals rewards cards at the time of purchase, as supplies last. Come for more than 130 special deals — hamster homes starting under $10, pet holiday garb starting under $9 — and leave with your dog looking like a reindeer. Awesome.

You could easily hit the opening both PetSmart and Petco if you're up and at 'em, too; doors at Petco open there at 9 a.m.  Click here for the 15-page Black Friday advertisement to formulate your plan.

Sadly extensive internet searching didn't turn up any Black Friday ads for my personal favorite pet store,  Pet Supplies Plus, 7315 Mentor Avenue. The woman on the phone when I called said the inserts are available at the front of the store, though, and doors will open on Black Friday at 7 a.m.

Happy overbuying.

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