Jul 28, 2014

READ: Comments, Responses to SR 91 Project

The community spoke its mind on roundabouts at a meeting in October, now here is how the city responded to questions and concerns

After city council voted 4-3 last week on posting the comments from a State Route 91 improvements meeting in October, the community questions and answers are now live on www.mytwinsburg.com.

City Engineer Amy Mohr said last week that posting these comments doesn't neccesarily lock the city into the changes, it simply keeps the process moving so they don't lose money if they do wish to proceed, rather than staying at a stand-still.

Here are a few things to keep mind while reading the comments:

  • There were more than 29 comments, but many questions were duplicated so they were simply consolidated so it wasn't repetitive.
  • The questions/comments that occured the most have the highest rank, from 1-29.
  • The Ohio Department of Transportation has viewed and analyzed both questions/comments and responses to ensure accuracy.

According to the document, "public comments showed that 11 were in favor of the project (with minor concerns), eight were against the project in any form,
and 72 were in favor of the project (widening of SR 91), but were against the use of roundabouts at the intersections."

According to the city, by April ODOT will review eveything and could approve the enivronmental document, including comments, moving the project into the design phase.

More news on SR 91 and roundabouts:

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