Jul 28, 2014

Should the Old School Be Demolished? Readers React

Twinsburg Patch readers weighed in on the mayor's opinion that the Old School in Twinsburg should be demolished.

Should the Old School Be Demolished? Readers React

Twinsburg Mayor Katherine Procop said last she believes the Old School should be demolished.

A number of residents say the building should be restored and saved because its a Twinsburg landmark.

Since then, Twinsburg Patch readers have weighed in on both sides of the debate.

City officials said it would cost about $4 million to $8 million to restore the building to good condition. Procop said she believes the building has past its expiration date.

"It’s a really difficult thing to retrofit a building like that," Procop said after a group of residents came to support saving the Old School from demolition. "We have spent a lot of time, a lot of hours analyzing it. I am of the mindset that it needs to be demolished. It’s past its use."

What do you think? Here's what some of your neighbors said. You can share your own opinion in the comments section below.

Carl S says:

Sure, knock her down! And that building with Mail Pouch, and the old ugly Historical Society Bldg too. Make everything nice and "modern". All the old stuff is almost gone. Why keep anything? "Put up a parking lot". good 'ol Janis Joplin. (insert sarcasm on this post).

Brandon Fisher says:

I can understand both sides but financially it would cost more than the property is worth and that is just not economically smart

Nassman says:

Everyone has an opinion on what to do with the old school but no one can come up with a plan on how to finance the needed repairs.

Jackie says:

Quit tearing up Twinsburg, it's UNRECOGNIZABLE now. Mayor Procop, you need to step up and listen to the residents and do something HONORABLE for a change.

Sally says:

The problem is we live in America and consider a building from the 1920's old, go to Europe some time. This is our history and if we want to destroy where we came from maybe we are just ashamed.

R E Brown says:

Neither skill or intelligent thought are needed to keep issues in our lives unchanged. The article clearly states that much thought and professional analysis had determined that millions in tax dollars would be needed in upgrades, and due to limited lease-able space we would still be left with a financial loser. Personally, I would prefer to consider a revenue positive option for this issue, rather than the potential for tax increases and potential for loss of city services.

Cassandra says:

I can appreciate the desire to want to preserve history, and understand how difficult change is... but realistically, there are a lot of problems with that building. As a KSU student, I was in that building until last August. There are a lot of problems with the building. It would be very difficult for a business to come in and use the building, and parking is a nightmare. Renovation is not a practical use of taxpayer money.

Reminderville says:

Tear it down and build and adult store. The square already has check cashing and a roll your own smoke shop; classy indeed. Adult store would be a great fit!

Peter Hale says:

While short term viabilty sounds good. Long term historical and community preservation sound much better to me.

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