Jul 27, 2014

Excedrin Recall Headaches: #2 Story of the Year

Migraine sufferers really wanted their favorite medicine back

Excedrin Recall Headaches: #2 Story of the Year

Brand loyalty can be a fierce, powerful thing.

That was evident when drug company Novartis voluntarily recalled several of its over-the-counter medications -- including No-Doz, Bufferin and Gas-X -- in early January.

But it was the inclusion in the recall of some Excedrin products such as Excedrin Migraine, Excedrin Menstrual and Excedrin PM that sparked a passionate response. Through late November, readers were commenting on the original January 9 story.

People wanting to know where their Excedrin was and when it was coming back made this story the second most popular story on Westlake Patch in 2012.

Westlake Patch stayed on top of the story, offering alternatives to favorite products and letting readers know when Novartis announced the products would be back on the shelves. Some Excedrin products were shipped to the stores starting in October.

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