Jul 28, 2014

Love-A-Stray Cat Ariel Can be Your Princess

At first thought to be feral, Ariel is ready for adoption

When Ariel came to the Love-A-Stray Avon shelter last spring, she was about seven months old and had four kittens.

The tabby calico was so frightened of people, shelter staff and volunteers believed her to be feral. 

But after Ariel's kittens had been adopted, a shelter volunteer began spending time with her. Ariel warmed to the volunteer and others at the shelter, and it soon became apparent that Ariel was not feral and could be adopted.

She's still a bit shy at first, but warms up to people quickly and loves being held and petted.

If you're interested in Ariel, or would like to see other cats and kittens available for adoption, contact Love-A-Stray at  loveastray@gmail.com. You can also donate money to help cover the costs of spaying/neutering cats, food, litter and health care.

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