Jul 28, 2014
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What Are Your Plans for Valentine’s Day?

Are you ready for the big date night? Share your ideas.

What Are Your Plans for Valentine’s Day? What Are Your Plans for Valentine’s Day?


Whether you remembered or not, the big date night is fast approaching. Next Tuesday is Valentine’s Day. Do you know where your plans are?

We want to know what you have on the slate. Where will you be heading? Are you going out? Share some ideas with our readers, or, of course, get some here, too.

Almost all Valentine's Day plans can be summed up by the following:

  • No date for me. Flying solo for the night. Thanks for reminding me.
  • Dinner date.
  • An entire romantic evening is planned. Top secret.
  • Ugh, restaurants will be packed. Looking for a nice night in sweats on the couch.
  • Valentine’s Day is a ridiculous holiday created by card companies. We don’t celebrate in any way.
  • A card or flowers or chocolates should do.

If you feel we haven’t nailed all the options, please feel free to add some in the comments below.

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