Jul 29, 2014

Poll: Alcohol on Township Property

Groups with fundraisers are petitioning the government.

Poll: Alcohol on Township Property

Lower Merion Township doesn't let people drink on public property. Should it make exceptions for fundraising events?

Among the topics scheduled for discussion at the Lower Merion Board of Commissioners meeting Wednesday, Feb. 1, is an administration proposal to relax the township's ban on alcohol possession and consumption on public properties, including parks.

Groups that want to hold fundraisers in support of township facilities and services, such as libraries, have asked for exemptions, Assistant Township Manager Pat Ryan told Township Manager Doug Cleland in a Jan. 27 memo, a copy of which is attached to this article.

Ryan proposed the township allow up to two events with alcohol service at each facility each year, as long as the events are "held in support of a Township facility or service" and are covered with liability insurance.

The Township Properties Committee is scheduled to discuss the proposal at 6:45 p.m. Public comment will be taken at the meeting, but Patch wants to know your opinion whether you attend the meeting or not.

Vote below, and elaborate in the comments.

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