Jul 29, 2014

Maiden Bridge, Canongate Sell for $11.75 Million

Price revealed by Pittsburgh Business Times.

Maiden Bridge, Canongate Sell for $11.75 Million

The Baldwin-Whitehall Patch reported this past month that the Caste family's  Royal Mile Company sold its Maiden Bridge and Canongate Apartments property to New York state-based  Morgan Management on Dec. 26.

On Friday, the cost of that transaction was reported by the Pittsburgh Business Times to be $11.75 million.

Royal Mile management is headquartered in Whitehall Borough's Weyman Office Plaza. The plaza and the apartments complex are not far from the Caste Village Shopping Center.

The apartments complex's size, according to the Allegheny County Assessment Web page, is 2.4 acres and was assessed in 2002 at $8.8 million in total value. However, a 2012 countywide reassessment put the lot at $9,240,400 in total value.

The complex's apartment units total 415, according to the Business Times.


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