Jul 26, 2014
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Nancy DiNardo Is New B-W School Board President

The board is expected to appoint a new member next week.

Nancy DiNardo Is New B-W School Board President

New President

Nancy Sciulli DiNardo is the newest president of the Baldwin-Whitehall School Board, the board's members decided on Wednesday night.

Sciulli DiNardo replaces former President John B. Schmotzer, who resigned from the board after its Nov. 14 meeting. Schmotzer said that he wished to spend more time with his family and in furthering his business and volunteerism.

The school board is expected to appoint a new member on Dec. 12 to fill Schmotzer's seat. The Baldwin-Whitehall School District Office has been accepting résumés for that seat since Schmotzer's resignation, and the board will choose his replacement from that list of résumés.

In February 2011, the board publically interviewed candidates for two vacancies and eventually chose Laurencine Romack and Sam DiNardo Jr. to fill those seats.

But when Sam resigned from the board in December 2011, no interviews were conducted to find his replacement. Instead, Nancy, his wife, was appointed in January 2012.

There are no interviews being conducted for Schmotzer's replacement, either.

Following his appointment, Sam earned public election to the school board just prior to his resignation, and Nancy replaced him with years of board experience, having also been publically elected in Baldwin-Whitehall before resigning in September 2010.

Same Vice Presidents

Also on Wednesday, the board chose to keep Kevin J. Fischer and Diana Kazour as its first and second vice presidents, respectively.

Same Solicitor

The board also chose to keep Ed Lawrence as the school district's solicitor.

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