Jul 29, 2014
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Police Show Restraint During Baldwin Homicide Incident

Chief Michael Scott reveals some incredible details of the encounter, praising his officers.

Police Show Restraint During Baldwin Homicide Incident

Baldwin Borough police Chief Michael Scott said that his officers showed remarkable restraint and judgment during a homicide incident in south Baldwin on Nov. 4.

Scott praised his officers during Tuesday night's Baldwin Council meeting while revealing some details of the encounter.

After Benjamin Conway Jr. shot his wife in their home on Meadowcrest Road, Scott said, Conway lost the gun that he used to commit the act during a tussle with his half-brother, who was also in the home at the time.

The brother then ran from Conway and away from the home, where police officers were stationed nearby, Scott said.

"He came outside, running with the gun still in his hand," Scott said of the half-brother. "He could have been shot by our officers but wasn't.

"And then, the second individual, the one that actually committed the homicide, came running out, yelling at our officers to please shoot him (his brother).

"So, it was quite a bit of restraint and professionalism exhibited by our officers."

The officers eventually got the situation under control, and Conway is the one being charged with the homicide.

Scott also read a thank-you card aloud on Tuesday that his department received from a group of Meadowcrest residents.

"Thank you for your quick response and professionalism during the incident (that) weekend," Scott read. "Also, thank you for your help and consideration, after the fact, to the neighbors."

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