Jul 29, 2014
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Shade Tree Commission Vacancy in Whitehall

The commission is the first of its kind in Pennsylvania.

Whitehall Borough administration is looking for a Whitehall resident to join the Multi-municipal Shade Tree Commission that the borough belongs to along with neighboring Baldwin and Brentwood boroughs.

Each borough gets three members on that commission, but Whitehall currently has only two representatives.

A seat on the commission is a volunteer position. The commission, the first of its kind in Pennsylvania, relies on volunteers to serve its function of restoring and maintaining the tree populations of the three boroughs.

The commission term for the person filling Whitehall's vacancy will start immediately and end on Dec. 31, 2015.

More information regarding the duties and responsibilities of the commission may be obtained at the Borough of Whitehall Municipal Complex during normal business hours.

Those interested in volunteering may submit letters of interest and résumés to James E. Leventry, Whitehall Borough manager, at the borough municipal complex, 100 Borough Park Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15236. Those documents can also be faxed to 412-884-1160 or emailed to jleventry@whitehallboro.org.


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