Jul 26, 2014
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Streaming To Overflow Room & No Dialog

Streaming To Overflow Room & No Dialog
The last Baldwin-Whitehall School Board Meeting ended with a comment that all further meetings will be held in the board board at the district building and they will stream the meeting to an overflow room. They don't want to be inconvenienced. But they have no problem leaving people out in the cold until the very last minute. This maneuver and yes it is just a maneuver is geared to lowering the attendance and separating the board from the public. Show them we wont' accept that.

Also, we there is a policy that restricts the public from asking questions. During the meeting we were told they are in the "People Business" but they do not want to have a dialog. Show up and tell them this is not acceptable.

Finally, I want to commend Ms Karen Brown for requesting an agenda item to discuss removing Bruce E Dice and Assoc as solicitor, his performance during this horrible situation shows we need someone who will represent the school district including the public. Show up and let the board know that we want someone who will represents the interest of the whole school district.

This Wednesday at 7:30 is the next school board meeting, please take time out of your day to show up and voice your opinion or just watch the meeting. The meetings are very important and we need to be there in large numbers so they board knows they will not get away with anything any more.

I am Baldwin-Whitehall Proud

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