Jul 30, 2014

Two Pantsless Women Stuck on Railroad Tracks in Baldwin

And other Baldwin Borough police news from the past week.

Two Pantsless Women Stuck on Railroad Tracks in Baldwin

No Pants, No Road, a Problem

Two women wearing nothing but shirts were found by a officer inside of a gray Ford Focus stuck on the railroad tracks along Streets Run Road near Route 51 at around 2:59 a.m. on Saturday, St. Patrick's Day.

When the officer approached the Focus, he smelled the strong odor of alcohol, according to his report.

The officer requested numerous times that the driver—Andrea M. Vennare, 23, of 233 Albany St. in Pittsburgh's Ridgemont neighborhood—get dressed so that he could put her through field-sobriety tests, but Vennare refused. Eventually, Vennare failed all field-sobriety tests and a breath-analyzer test before being arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Vennare said that she accidentally drove onto the railroad tracks.

Before being taken to the Baldwin police station, Vennare and the other woman in the Focus—a 22 year old who has not been charged with any offenses—both finally put on their pants.

Their car was searched, and officers reported finding a small amount of marijuana inside of it, as well as drug paraphernalia (marijuana cigarette butts).

Friends of the women arrived at the station to give them a ride home at around 5 a.m.

East Carson Street, Part I

A traffic stop of Mathew Keith DeFelice, 24, of 2311 Grandview Ave. in McKeesport, for erratic driving on East Carson Street at around 1:17 a.m. on Sunday turned into an arrest for suspicion of DUI after a police officer reported that DeFelice appeared intoxicated.

After following DeFelice as he traveled south on East Carson in north Baldwin and observing him speeding and weaving his vehicle, the officer eventually pulled him over at the end of East Carson near the Glenwood Bridge in Pittsburgh's Hays neighborhood.

DeFelice failed field-sobriety and breath-analyzer tests before being handcuffed and taken to the officer's car.

At that time, the other person in DeFelice's vehicle—William Albert Brummett, 25, also of 2311 Grandview—disobeyed the officer's orders by getting out of the vehicle and walking toward traffic, the officer said.

Brummett was also handcuffed and charged with public drunkenness before DeFelice's mother came to the scene to pick up Brummett.

DeFelice's vehicle was searched, and the officer found an open bottle of vodka inside, which both men admitted to drinking from while the vehicle was in motion, the officer reported.

DeFelice was taken to Jefferson Regional Medical Center, where his mother eventually picked him up, as well. Results of a blood-alcohol level test are pending.

East Carson, Part II

A traffic stop of Susan House, 29, of 904 Hartman St. in McKeesport, for erratic driving on East Carson at around 2:25 a.m. on Wednesday turned into an arrest for suspicion of DUI after a Baldwin Borough police officer reported that House appeared intoxicated.

After following House as she traveled south on East Carson and observing her speeding and striking a curb alongside that road multiple times, the officer eventually pulled her over on Mifflin Road near its Streets Run exit in Hays.

House failed field-sobriety tests before she was arrested and taken to the Baldwin police station. She then failed a breath-analyzer test at the station before being released to the custody of her boyfriend.


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