Jul 28, 2014
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Stamp Prices Increase on Jan. 27

Stamps for 1 oz letters will cost 46 cents as of Sunday, Jan. 27.

Stamp Prices Increase on Jan. 27

The cost of a stamp will increased by a penny tomorrow, Jan. 27. Stamps for a first-class letter up to 1 oz will now cost 46 cents through the  U.S. Postal Service.

However, you're in luck if you've stocked up on forever stamps at a Bensalem or nearby post office.

Already purchased Forever stamps can be used indefintely and will remain applicable for 1 oz letters, even after the postage rates go up. But once the postage rates go up, the price of the Forever stamp will also increase by one cent. 

If the Post Office is already closed for the day, but you still wish to purchase Forever stamps, many grocery stores carry them. Just ask the clerk checking you out or visit the customer service desk or the counter where lottery tickets are sold.

Click here for other highlights of the mailing costs effective on Sunday from the Post Office.

FedEx and UPS also announced rate increases for 2013.  According to Reuters, the average cost for ground shipments and home deliveries will rise 4.9 percent for FedEx and 4.9 percent for UPS.

Bensalem Post Office Locations:

  • 1800 Byberry Rd.
  • 1950 Street Rd.

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