23 Aug 2014
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Patch Picks: 5 Musikfest Foodie Things for $5 or Less

Here are 5 tasty bits that won't take a huge bite out of your wallet.

Patch Picks: 5 Musikfest Foodie Things for $5 or Less Patch Picks: 5 Musikfest Foodie Things for $5 or Less Patch Picks: 5 Musikfest Foodie Things for $5 or Less Patch Picks: 5 Musikfest Foodie Things for $5 or Less Patch Picks: 5 Musikfest Foodie Things for $5 or Less

Despite the great party and all the free fun Musikfest has to offer, we know that times are still tight for a lot of folks out there. Over the course of a 10-day festival, things can get kind of pricey, even though most items really aren't much more than you'd pay for take-out anyway.

Still, there are a number of delicious and substantial Musikfest foodie treats to be had for $5 or under, making the task of keeping your energy up or your little ones happy and occupied while you bop to the beat a bit less expensive.

Better yet, most do offer some decent nutrition, even if they could be a bit healthier. But it is a party, so skip the guilt, resolve to dance off any extra calories you may consume, and enjoy these treats on the cheap.

Roasted corn on the cob
Stop by any one of the several Aw Shucks tents in several of the platzes and pick up an ear for 8 tickets. With several spices and grated cheese to choose from, along with the usual butter, if you want, this makes a very affordable, portable treat that even qualifies as being nutritious too. 8 tickets

Fresh cut french fries
Potatoes have gotten an undeservedly bad rap in the last few years. Granted, there are healthier ways to eat them than fried, but cut fresh, they serve up a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals, and healthy complex carbohydrates (another victim of undeserved demonization) to keep you energized all day and night. Not to mention there's something rather wonderfully decadent about a sizable cup of crispy spuds with a splotch of ketchup for dipping or drowned in vinegar. The “regular” could easily keep you going for hours, and “large” are of a volume that suggests sharing is the thing to do. 6 and 8 tickets respectively at Smitty's Fresh Cut Fries in Festplatz.

Stuffed Pretzels
Philadelphia Pretzel in Handwerkplatz offers a variety of options, including a sausage stuffed pretzel. Everything on the menu is 10 tickets or under, making this an affordable, not to mention relatively healthy, option.

Kenyan Samosas
These tradtional pockets can be filled with meat or lentils, your choice. Tasty, portable, and a bit exotic, while still qualifying as comfort food. Check out Alando's Kitchen at Volksplatz. Yours for 6 tickets.

Frozen lemonade
Unsurprisingly, there's lemonade all over the place at Musikfest, but definitely hold out for the frozen variety. Fresh squeezed and icy, slushy cold, it's the same price or less than the stuff with the ice cubes, only this won't water down and stays delightfully refreshing down to the last sip. The bonus electrolytes of this all-natural drink will do you good, and ounce for ounce, it's a much better deal than bottled soda anyway. 8 tickets for a 16 ounce cup. (Or 12 tickets for a quart, easily big enough for two or three people to split.)

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