23 Aug 2014
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Patch Picks: 5 Musikfest Souvenirs for Under $10

Souvenirs are often overpriced, but there are some relative bargains to be found at the 'fest.

Patch Picks: 5 Musikfest Souvenirs for Under $10 Patch Picks: 5 Musikfest Souvenirs for Under $10 Patch Picks: 5 Musikfest Souvenirs for Under $10 Patch Picks: 5 Musikfest Souvenirs for Under $10 Patch Picks: 5 Musikfest Souvenirs for Under $10 Patch Picks: 5 Musikfest Souvenirs for Under $10

Face it, somewhat clichéd or not, souvenirs from an event you've enjoyed are always appealing. Event vendors know this, and often capitalize on public sentimentality to overcome people's usual aversion to paying too much or to push useless chatchka items that may fetch their owners a quarter at next spring's yard sale.

But there are definitely some items at Musikfest that seem worth the price tag, and all that we've chosen are under $10.

The Official Musikfest mug - $9
Our top pick and the mark of any serious 'fest-goer, this mug will pay for itself quickly with the discounts you'll receive on the drinks to fill it. Some like to purchase one every year, but a Musikfest drinking vessel of any vintage will get you the mug discount. So if you don't have yours, get one. Added bonus – not only is it good for drinks on the festival grounds, but some local pubs and restaurants also offer Musikfest mug pricing, so be sure to have it with you, wherever you happen to go in Bethlehem during the course of the 'fest.

Light-up toys - $5 to $10
Okay, you have to be a certain age to be really excited about these, but the opportunity to trade a few measly dollars to keep your kids amused after dark for several hours a night for the duration of the 'fest, or quite possibly for the rest of the summer, is priceless.

A Musikfest hat - $5
If you didn't with you, pick one up at the 'fest. Normally these go for a bit more, but the 'fest folks have a variety of stylish caps discounted that will be useful right now and long after the last tune of the year has ended. Now you can have Musikfest on the brain, literally, all year, if you like.

A Bethlehem Steel 'fridge magnet - $4.99
It's not exactly reminiscent of Musikfest, other than if you make a point to remember you purchased your fridge ornament there, but we kind of think there should be a law decreeing that every true Bethlehemite should possess some commemoration of the former industry giant. This is an affordable and enjoyable option to prepare in advance, should that day come to pass.

Silly souvenir photo of you at Musikfest - $5
Okay, there are likely a quadrillion digital cameras out there, and you probably own at least three, two of which are within arm's reach right now as you read this. Why should you pay for a photo? Well, where are you going to get a huge oversized chair or any fun props to go with it? This booth, in Festplatz, offers a traditional carnival attraction, still amusing for all ages, for a pittance. Smile for the camera!

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