Jul 28, 2014
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Want a Deer Hunt in Your Yard?

Lower Merion residents can apply to have their properties included in this winter's deer culling, the police superintendent said at Wednesday’s Board of Commissioners meeting.

Want a Deer Hunt in Your Yard?

Lower Merion Township will spend an extra day on deer culling this winter compared to last year’s program, Police Superintendent Michael McGrath said at the Board of Commissioners meeting Wednesday night.

Hunters will target deer, particularly does, on two days in November, two days in December and two days in January, with the goal of reducing deer encounters on township roads.

Last year’s five-day program netted 42 deer—25 does and 17 bucks—at a cost of about $15,000.

In the previous two years, the township spent more days culling and got more results:

  • 2009: Eight days, 119 deer (79 does, 40 bucks), cost $21,000
  • 2010: 13 days, 127 deer (86 does, 41 bucks), cost $30,000

McGrath said residents who want culling to take place on their properties can ask police to visit and decide whether culling would be suitable there. Since 2009, 63 private parcels have been included in the culling area.

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