Jul 30, 2014
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Elliven Spa Offering Fertility Massage

The Collier spa started taking appointments Aug. 1.

Elliven Spa Offering Fertility Massage

A Collier spa recently added a new massage to help hopeful parents become expectant parents.

Starting this week, Elliven Spa began scheduling times for a fertility massage, designed to release stress and increase energy flow throughout the abdomen.

“It’s been so well received, it’s amazing,” said Owner Ashley Thompson.

Thompson has met a number of clients who struggle with fertility, she said, so she didn’t hesitate to say yes when the spa’s massage therapist approached her about offering the new service.

“Massage is a proactive approach that can help keep you healthy,” said Brenda Blasinsky, massage therapist at Elliven.

Just as stress and tension can build up in other parts of the body and cause discomfort, ridding the body of abdominal congestion may improve fertility. Natural methods, on average, have a 30 percent success rate and can be increased with accupuncture, according to Claire Marie Miller, founder of Nurturing the Mother, a training program designed to provide massage therapy from fertility through postpartum care.

Miller’s methods were used during the certification workshop Blasinsky attended at Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy.

Blasinsky said the fertility massage can reduce stress; release pressure points; increase energy flow; break up scar tissue; focuses on the abdomen; stimulates glands in the uterus and hormone production; releases abdominal congestion; cleanses the intestines; and balances energy.

The massage lasts 75 minutes, costs $120 and fits in with the spa’s green theme, Thompson said.

“Anything that goes on the skin is absorbed, so castor oil and organic lotions are used,” she said.

The massages are conducted in private treatment rooms with private showers, she said, and offer a relaxing atmosphere from beginning to end.

“I’m very excited about this new service and that we have such an enthusiastic staff that cares about continuing education,” she said. “I hope by offering this massage we will help those clients who may have fertility issues.”

Infertility affects 6.1 million women and partners, according to Monroeville-based Reproductive Health Specialists.

Offering maternity facials and massages, Thompson said the spa “caters so much to pregnant women.”

“We want to also cater to those who wish to become pregnant,” she said.




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