Jul 29, 2014
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Post-Gazette Column Ruffles Feathers in Bridgeville

Bridgeville residents and officials are baffled over a column published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that likens the borough council to the disarray in Libya.

Post-Gazette Column Ruffles Feathers in Bridgeville

A column published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that likens Bridgeville Borough Council to the disarray in Libya has baffled the community’s residents and government officials.

Columnist Dan Simpson wrote an opinion piece in the P-G on Dec. 5 about why the U.S. should not become engaged in more wars when he, for some reason, cited the tiny borough’s government council.

While opining about potential problems should the Syrian regime fall to rebel forces, Simpson wrote this sentence: “If the opposition were to somehow take power in Syria, there is every reason to believe it would make today's disorder in post-Gadhafi Libya – no authority, no law and order – look like the Bridgeville Borough Council by comparison.”

That sentence ruffled some feathers and also brought a few laughs on the borough council. Councilwoman Mary Weise said she wants the borough to write a letter to Simpson offering for him to attend one of their meetings.

“That, I took exception to,” Weise said. “He and the Post-Gazette need to be aware we have a good council and we conduct our business professionally.”

Others who read it, however, thought it was harmless.

“I don’t know where this came from, but I think it’s kinda funny,” council Vice President Joe Colosimo said. “I’ve emailed him, but we haven’t received a response from him or the paper.”

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Simpson did not return a phone message seeking an explanation on the reference to Bridgeville Borough Council in his column.

So what Simpson meant remains a mystery to most Bridgeville residents who read the column.

“At first glance, I didn’t know if it was a slight,” resident Pasquale DeBlasio said. “Then I read it again and it seems like a compliment.”

Click here to read Simpson's column, "No more wars," on Post-Gazette.com.

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