Jul 29, 2014
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Sauce Wins Favorite Burger Award

Readers chose the Bridgeville eatery as having the best burgers in the area! Do you agree?

Sauce Wins Favorite Burger Award Sauce Wins Favorite Burger Award

in Bridgeville, Collier, Heidelberg and Scott, and you had many favorites from around the area (even some far away from the area).

It was a close race between , , and , but the highest poll numbers, most favorable business reviews and positive comments made one clear winner.

You decided that has the best burger in the area.


Ed M wrote: “Sauce by far.”

JR wrote in the reviews: “Great burgers. Mac & Cheese in a skillet is delightful. Good soups. Don't want a bun, it is served in a casket iron skillet as is the Mac & Cheese. Try the Italian burger in a skillet, its wonderful.”

Cindi Lash also reviewed Sauce positively: Sauce is the best. Love the burgers, love the mac-and-cheese, love the service. Oh, and the chili is dandy, too. But that signature skillet is my favorite burger, with the red peppers and balsamic glaze. This is a great neighborhood joint, and we love that we see people of all ages -- families with kids, people on dates, groups of sports fans -- whenever we go in. Great place, great burgers.”

Sauce will receive a special certificate and the Patchy honor of knowing it has the best burger around town.

 Gab & Eat also received quite a few favorable reviews.

Moe wrote: “GAB n EAT has a GREAT BURGER!!!”

Drew Lehman wrote this about Gab & Eat: “Best Burger in Western Pennsylvania. Get it on Mancini's and it is off the hook.”

Some other people, though, didn’t like the choices in front of them and named other good burger joints. Tessaro’s has one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten, but it’s in Pittsburgh’s Bloomfield neighborhood. Another reader also nominated Carbonara's on Mt. Lebanon Boulevard.

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