Jul 27, 2014

Fattah Retains 2nd District, Calls for Action

With sources calling a win for Fattah, the representative looks twoard the new year.

Fattah Retains 2nd District, Calls for Action

Chaka Fattah, the incumbent Democratic representative for the Northwest in the 2nd congressional district, retained his seat in Washington in Tuesday's election, according to the unofficial results from both the city and state's election results websites.

Though verified results are not yet in, Fattah, who has served as representative in the House since 1995, appears to have bested Republican candidate Robert Mansfield and Independent James Foster.

According to the state's election website, Fattah pulled 89.9 percent of the votes, getting 295,000 votes compared to Mansfield's nearly 25,00 votes.

Fattah said that, with this win, he was going to be focused on working with house Republicans on fiscal issues.

"Both the Bush tax cuts and the Obama tax cuts automatically expire on Dec. 31 in a way that no one will want, so we have to come to some kind of agreement," he said. "It's going to take some bi-partisan agreement."

Through Farrah said that he thinks President Barack Obama will score a win Tuesday night, he said that even if Governor Mitt Romney wins the election, the house will have a "roadmap" for how to proceed with the economy.

"The only things that Congress has done in the last two years are, by law, what we had to do. Because these tax cuts will automatically happen, we will be forced to take action."

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